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Bouste.org is a non-profit organization created in France (association loi 1901 n° W313021550) with the mission of promoting projects with actual or potential social impact.

We provide mentoring, coaching and training to help organizations deal with the growing challenges of the modern world, whether in technology, business development, data protection, and many other areas.

We aim to support and/or assist individuals & organizations to make sound use of their potential to maximize their efficiency.

We are a team with expertise in innovation, technology, coaching, strategic leadership to help organizations turn ideas into reality and to increase the positive social impact of their actions and programs.

With more than 20 years experience worldwide, we provide a unique insight into innovative solutions tailored for the real world challenges.


At the forefront of our activities we have 2 projects currently going on

DP4G is a platform that has been specifically created to help overcome the lack of knowledge regarding data protection in the humanitarian field and development sector.

DP4G Fundamental and Advanced training will:

> Provide you with basic/advanced know-how about data protection

> Show you how to apply technical skills to real field challenges, raise your awareness of DP and help you minimise data breaches

> Show you how to keep your most sensitive data safe

> Let you exchange ideas with participants on interesting experiences from the field.

You can learn more about this initiative at https://www.dp4g.org/

We provide Free Tech & Innovation coaching to help nonprofits answer key questions and create efficient solutions to bring their ideas to life.

We will think together about your ideas and, based on the latest tech solutions, find ways to implement them using concrete solutions such as mobile or web development.


> Innovative ideas with the potential to make a real difference, whatever the context.

> Result oriented projects.

> We will do our best to support projects worldwide

You can learn more about this initiative at https://www.coachmy.tech/


> If you have an idea, just submit a concept note to contact@bouste.org

> We will guide you through the process

> Projects are reviewed on a regular basis

> Selection criteria is settled by a committee of experts focusing on the innovativeness of the project, needs and the expected impact.

> Keep in mind that Bouste provides projects with technical assistance and support, training, guidance and expertise but does not give grants.



Bouste.org relies on private and public funding. By contributing to our mission you will become a game-changer for many amazing organizations that simply do not have enough resources to make a social good out of their effort.

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